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Facebook filed a patent to use your family photos to target ads

Facebook  has filed application on May 10th that would identify elements of photographs to make it easier to target families with ads,  by analyzing the photos they post.

With this application facebook target family members with ads, based on images and captions posted to Facebook, as well as your device information, like shared IP addresses.

The algorithm , titled “Predicting household demographics based on image data,” was originally filed May 10, 2017, and made public today.

The new algorithm would cross-reference details from photographs with descriptions,tags, the poster’s IP address, the list of Facebook users using that same address, and few other details.

Experts say the algorithm in the new patent could involve more sophisticated level of data mining than we think.

The algorithm would use facial recognition and learning models trained to understand text to help Facebook better understand whom you live with and interact with most.

With this Facebook could guess how many kids you have in your family , even when they are not in facebook.

In one example, Facebook describes a male user who posts multiple pictures of two female subjects who appear repeatedly in either pictures he posts or pictures friends tag him in.

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One of them is a picture of a single young girl, with the description “my angel.” The system could deduce that there are three people in his household, one male and two female, and that the female members are probably his wife and daughter.

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